Passionate Community Advocate

Advocacy is Philanthropy to Myra.

Giving back is at the core of who Myra is as a passionate and vocal philanthropist. She seeks to bind the connection we all have with each other treating safe communities where everyone receives a quality education, and holds a feeling of belonging. For example, in her work as the National President of the Women’s Campaign for Jewish National Fund (JNF), Myra spends her time energizing women to be advocates for fundraising within the organization. She travels both the United States and Israel often, visiting JNF funded projects and speaking about their value back home.

Education Advocacy

Myra believes it takes a village to raise a child. She believes we cannot rely solely on our schools to educate our children to be well-rounded humans. Myra believes that education begins in the home, and it is our duty as parents to give back to our children’s school communities to show them the value of giving early in their lives.

“I find that being involved in philanthropy lifts me up as a person and makes me feel empowered as a woman and as a leader and provides the best example I can to my children of how to live in society.”


 – Myra Chack Fleischer

Faith Advocacy

Myra has been deeply involved in her religious community since childhood. In this day and age she believes it is more important than ever to be a vocal proponent of peace between all people, and to also support your local organizations through donations and volunteer work.

World Community

We are part of the world community and whatever your passion is the in world community Myra believe you should find it and find a way to give back with your heart or any other resource available to you that you choose, as much as you can.

Myra’s Community Involvement

For over a decade, Myra has been involved with a variety of local and national organizations. She has gone from vocal school advocate to high level JNF leader.

  • Jewish National Fund Women for Israel, National President 2018 – Present
  • Jewish National Fund Women for Israel, National Vice President 2015 – 2018
  • Jewish National Fund National Board of Directors, Board Member 2015 – Present
  • Jewish National Fund Women for Israel, National Board Member 2012 – Present
  • Jewish National Fund Makor, Speaker 2011 – Present
  • Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego, Board Member 2013 – 2018
  • Jewish National Fund San Diego, Regional President 2011- 2014 and 2017 – 2018
  • Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego, President 2015 – 2016
  • Congregation Beth Am Women’s Connection, Board of Directors 2009 – 2017
  • Congregation Beth Am Board of Directors, Vice President 2009 – 2013
  • Congregation Beth Am Board of Directors, Board Member 2008 – 2013
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Marketing Co-Chair for the International Convention, 2006
  • Carmel Valley Middle School Site Council, 2005 – 2006
  • Del Mar Schools Education Foundation, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer 2004 – 2005
  • Torrey Hills Elementary School Site Council, 2002 – 2006
  • San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, 1997 – 2010

Awards & Recognition

In 2003 and 2006, Myra was awarded the Wiley W. Manual Pro Bono Services Award for her volunteer efforts though the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program. Myra was awarded the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Distinguished in 2005.

Interested in asking Myra to participate in your community organization or event?  Please call 760-547-2373 or Complete an Inquiry Form.