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"It is important to me that I be a friend to you as you go through an experience that is changing the course of your life."
– Myra Chack Fleischer

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9 back to school tips for divorced families - Relevance Score: 100%

Make sure back to school doesn’t end up meaning back to court.

Back to school tips for divorced parents - Relevance Score: 99.65%

Attorney Myra Fleishcer has tips for divorced parents that will you make sure back to school doesn't mean back to court for you and your former spouse.

Nine Holiday Tips for Divorced Moms, Dads, and Kids - Relevance Score: 75.32%

Give the gift of happy holidays to your family despite a divorce by planning ahead.

Divorced families can still enjoy happy holidays with a little planning - Relevance Score: 74.16%

A minimum effort on your part could save you and your family from an emotional or financial disaster. This is supposed to be a special time of the year for everyone, most of all your children.

Email, texting can become a WMD during a divorce or child custody case - Relevance Score: 73.52%

Assume not only that anything you write is public, but that the judge hearing your case will read it.

Divorce rage to blame in Santa Monica shootings, ricin letters - Relevance Score: 62.68%

These two acts of violence seemingly have a common catalyst: divorce.

A divorce lawyer's 7 Valentine's Day tips for a lasting, happy marriage - Relevance Score: 47.28%

Other than Cupid, there is no one better qualified to give advice about marriage than a divorce attorney. Read these seven tips to help you make your marriage last.