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"You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals."
– Booker T. Washington

Myra Chack Fleischer

Myra Chack Fleischer


Myra Chack Fleischer hit her share of potholes along the road to personal and professional success.

Born on Valentine's Day into a high achieving Philadelphia family, expectations for Myra were always high. She was the fourth child and only daughter of two pharmacists. Myra's mother only stopped working full-time after her third child was born, spending many years in a so-called "man's profession" long before anyone had ever heard of women's liberation.

Myra's father suffered from poor health due to his heart, and it caused a financial strain on the family. When he suffered his last heart attack the week Myra took her first college final exams as a freshman, it meant that she and her three older brothers, one a college sophomore and the other two in medical school, needed to move forward as young adults with only one parent's support to finish their educations. As they were already doing, through scholarships, loans, and working (in Myra's case, two jobs), all four of them did.

Myra wanted to be a lawyer from the time she was a young girl. She planned to first get a business degree and then attend law school. But due to the enormous challenge she faced putting herself through college; she instead took her undergraduate degree and wound up working in accounting.

Myra never wanted to give up on her educational dream. She applied to law school several years after college and was accepted on the east coast. Before she could start law school, her now-husband asked her to marry him and follow him from Philadelphia to Tucson, Arizona so he could complete his medical residency. She calls it the best though hardest decision of her life to give up that law school acceptance. Myra continued to work in accounting and gave birth to her oldest son, Nathan while in Arizona.

When Myra and her family relocated to San Diego, she once again applied to law school and was accepted at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. At the same time, she and her husband Charlie wanted more children. The next pregnancy was planned around Myra's school schedule, but unfortunately she miscarried while taking her first final exam, barely finishing before ending up in the emergency room. When that first semester was over, half of the class had either flunked or dropped out, but not Myra.

Following this challenging start, Myra gave birth to two more children, her son Jordan and her daughter Sara while attending and successfully finishing law school in 3 years, all the while ignoring the advice of doctors and attending class despite difficult pregnancies and with newborn children in tow. Nothing was going to deter Myra from getting her law degree this time.

Upon her graduation from law school at San Diego's famed Balboa Park Organ Pavilion, Myra posed for photos with her husband, mother and mother-in-law, and three children under the age of four including her two month old daughter.

After passing the bar, Myra worked for another firm for several years before she launched her own practice in September 2001. Two years later she hired her first employee. Now in her tenth year, Myra's firm is growing and developing new partnerships to offer a full array of integrated legal services to her clients.

Myra says she was exposed to the field of family law during law school, and the work energized and challenged her. She describes family law as encompassing many aspects of the law into one whole: criminal law, business law, estate planning and asset division, property law, settlement and mediation work, civil litigation, and appeals.

It is due in large part to the winding road Myra took that led to her current role as a family law attorney that is responsible for her aptitude and success in this field. Her unique mix of business and accounting skills with her legal experience give her a unique understanding of the many practical complexities involved in her field.

Myra offers a strong, unwavering belief in advocacy for children in sensitive circumstances faced in family law matters, always guided by her love and devotion to her own family.

In her years of practice, Myra has skillfully guided thousands of clients through the emotional, financial, and practical upheaval of a family law case, bringing them out the other side with the ability to move forward toward a healthier, happier life.

Today, Myra is considered one of Southern California's most prominent family law attorneys, and the "go to" choice for complex family law matters involving adoption, custody, domestic partnerships, pre and post nuptial agreements, and divorce.

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